Gain Twitter Followers

How to Get Twitter Followers

Twitter followers are literally your golden mine. It is one of the main parameters, responsible for ranking the account, along with the shares and comments. It is absolutely clear: the more followers you have the higher are the chances that they will share your post or leave the comment. So if you want to turn your account into an efficient business tool, think about attracting the real followers first.

Fill your BIO as Much as Possible

According to recent statistics, somewhere from 10 to 15% of all the Twitter accounts are bots. People become more and more demanding in everything, connected to social media and content. No one wants to spend their time scrolling some bot-generated content of low quality. So if your goal is to get as many real followers, as possible, make sure people trust you and you’re being a real person. The easiest way to achieve it is to fill the profile information and the bio.

Remember: each and any line should show you are not a bot. So if the first advice was to fill the bio, the second one will be to choose a good picture. Again, statistics say that people have more trust in accounts, having clear images of the human faces as an avatar. So take some time and pick a clear shot to gain some extra bit of your followers’ trust.

Choose Your Niche

Before starting your Twitter blog, pick the niche. It is important from the point of content marketing and further promotion, as well as from the position of brand representation in case you are about to use your Twitter as a voice of the brand.

When the niche is picked, analytics comes. It is important to make the analytics of your direct and indirect competitors and build your strategy on this background. Avoid becoming a copycat. Instead take the best and add something unique to your account.

More Tweets – More Retweets

Looks Great, Right? 😉

This advice is again closely connected to the amount of your active subscriber, called the core. The more tweets they do, the more retweets you will gain later on. According to the most recent information visual content is the king. People come to the social media for fun and relax, they scroll the feed when they have a spare moment. It means the content should be catchy and easy to grasp.

Closer Look at the Schedule

Posting time optimization is another point to be considered. To get more followers on Twitter you do not have to sit in front of the screen 24\7. More important is to post when your audience is active. It means more people will see the tweets and share it in real time.

Please note that the perfect posting time for your niche, time zone and audience can differ from the one on the Internet. It is always better to process a little research and analysis and figure out the appropriate timing yourself.

Post Link at Other Social Media

All the social media are linked, however, literally. You can share your tweets to other social media and gain extra followers. It is clear that any social media has its own audience. Reposting, sharing and announcing the upcoming post on different platforms allows you to cover indirect target audience as well.

Use Right Hashtags

Hashtags are valid not just for Instagram though most people first heard about them in connection with this social media. However, they first appeared on Twitter and became a powerful marketing tool later on.

The hashtag rule is simple – avoid too popular ones, do not spam and track the relevance. In other words, the more popular hashtag you use, the less people will see the post, if you are not an extra popular celebrity. Next, too many hashtags, as well as non-relevant ones can simply attract filters.

Engage With Others Accounts

All in this world is about communication, and today social media marketing is impossible without interaction with other account owners, bloggers and influencers.

The strategy depends on your budget and the number of followers. It is considered to be a good practice to cooperate with accounts of more or less the same size. Even if you are not limited by the budget it is still a good idea to follow the same pattern. The reason is simple – followers will figure out that the cooperation with some famous blogger is just the marketing, not a sign of quality.

Engage Your Followers

As we said, people want to feel that they are reading a real person, that there’s a human being behind the screen. And one of the easiest ways to prove it and give your followers exactly what they need is to communicate with them. Talk, share your thoughts, react to the comments, follow and support discussions. In other words, do everything you would do under the posts of your favorite bloggers. Yes, it is that easy.