Free Ways To Promote Instagram

Free ways to promote an Instagram account can seem difficult to find if you’re a beginning marketer. What’s good is that there are lots of free ways to promote an Instagram account-all for absolutely free.

Free Ways to Promote Instagram Account

So I’m going to walk you through 20 different ways to market your account for free. I’ll discuss:

  1. Even threw in a couple of [not so free ways] for those of you who have the budget to spare. Regardless of the method, you will still find the underlying theme to be that of marketing to the right target audience. And that is the group of people with whom you want to make money. For example, if you’re promoting an app to parents who are on the go, you will need a social media platform where moms and dads can find and buy their favorite products.
  2. There are different methods of targeting different groups. If you are promoting to an elite group of people who are more likely to buy, you will need a high end social media site. And if you are promoting to those of you on the hunt for products, an Instagram-style application will probably be best. Just make sure you get the basics right first, and then build from there.
  3. As with the other social media sites, you need to develop your account so it matches your brand. This is often done by having a design that matches your products, and by using a logo which ties in with your branding.
  4. You should engage with your followers on a regular basis. You should also create a plan for promoting your account on a regular basis. This plan may include posting new content on a regular basis, adding new photos, or just posting links to products you are selling on your account.
  5. Another way to grow your followers is to share content. – this can be a blog post or something written, such as a review or some other informative piece. It’s up to you, but you may choose to create a post that includes a link to your products, and ask people to subscribe to your mailing list. – just make sure to make it interesting and related to your account.


There are many more ways to do these things but these are just the basics. As long as you’re consistent, and you’re creative, you should be able to do them quickly and easily. Good luck with your advertising efforts!

As mentioned above, these methods will work for almost all social media sites. However, some social media sites are better suited to certain techniques than others.

Facebook is a great example of this. You can use lots of strategies and still not reach a wide audience, and that’s because Facebook allows people to advertise their businesses on a much smaller scale.

On the other hand, if you use Instagram, you can reach people from everywhere in the world. You don’t have to spend a lot of time to do this, because you can get access to people from all around the world who are interested in what you and your product/service.

Use Twitter

Twitter, in contrast, is more targeted. Because it is focused on local people, you can get a message out to people who live in a specific area. So you can make a great connection to local people, and you can find people who are interested in what you and your products/services.

Just make sure you keep on top of your marketing. Follow a few tips and keep practicing!

Search Engines – Optimize Your Profile

Don’t forget about search engines. You need to make sure that you’re using them properly. If you are promoting products/services that you sell on eBay, make sure to use the proper keywords that are related to your products. Make sure you don’t get too many keywords in your URL’s because it could lead to duplicate content.

Use social bookmarking to boost your ranking. Social bookmarking is a great way to make sure that your URL and account are displayed prominently in the search engines and get a good ranking in Google.

Link building is also a good way to promote your account. There are tons of websites and blogs out there that provide links back to your account. If you can get them to place a link to your profile in the resource box of their posts, you’ll get some nice backlinks to your account.

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