Facebook Tips for New Users

Being a pro user on Facebook is not something you can achieve in one night. When some people use this social platform at an early age, for many users it is the first social media account ever. Also, people who create business pages can get lost or even not discover all Facebook features.

This article will help you to start your way on Facebook as a skilful user. 

URL username

When it is obvious that people can find you on Facebook by your name, not so many users create a username for their URL. Do not keep long numbers after “https/facebook/”; you can easily add a simple username so people can find you by entering your info in the search bar. Also, it makes your profile look more individual.

Cross-share your profile

To make sure your surroundings know about your profile you can easily notify them. Just press the share button for your profile and post on other social media platforms. Like this, more people that may know you can discover your profile. 

Post Instagram images on Facebook 

Surprisingly, more attention get photos that appear on Facebook through Instagram. Feel free to share your Instagram posts on Facebook to get more likes and attention from the crowd. 

Give social signals

Be active on Facebook – do not be shy to comment, like and share other posts. Mention people in your publications and on your photos to make sure they will not miss something important. Positive reactions are always appreciated by other users and increase your chances for reciprocity. 

Security Control

Sensing that someone is using your account, and this someone is not you? Then go to your settings and see what devices are currently logged in. If something seems suspicious to you, log out from all devices or just from the devices that are not yours. In addition, Facebook can send you notifications on a mobile phone when a new logging in is detected. 

Customize Ad preferences

Facebook is not an ad-free platform. As annoying as it may be you still can do something about that. Add your interests in the Ad section to make Facebook suggestions more relevant and interesting for you. This way, the Facebook algorithm will know your interests better. You can ban certain advertisers at all but you cannot ban them all. 

Use these tips for your better Facebook experience.

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