Every content creator wants to know the secret to growing their audience on YouTube and keeping them engaged. It’s no secret that having an engaged and active audience is essential for the success of any channel, but it can be hard to know exactly how to achieve this. If you’re looking for tips on how to grow your YouTube channel and keep viewers interested, look no further! Here are some strategies you can use to increase your video views and maximize your channel’s watch time. 

Creating Quality Content. The first step in growing a successful YouTube channel is creating quality content that viewers will love. Quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive production; it simply means creating videos that are interesting or entertaining enough for people to click on and watch. Make sure each video has a clear purpose and focus, since this will help attract more viewers who are interested in the topic of the video. Additionally, think about what sets your videos apart from other content creators in your space—what unique angle can you bring? Once you start producing high-quality content, you’ll have a better chance of getting noticed by viewers who are searching for this type of content online. 

Optimizing Your Videos. Creating quality videos isn’t enough—you also need to optimize them so they appear higher up in search results and get seen by more people. Optimize each video by using descriptive titles and tags, as well as including keywords that relate directly back to the topic of the video. This will make it easier for potential viewers searching for relevant topics on YouTube to find your videos quickly. You should also create custom thumbnails for each video; this will make them stand out from other videos in search results, which could lead more people to click on them. There are also good services that help youtubers improve current content (thumbnails, intro & outro,  SEO on the channel, etc.) and channel performance. 

Engaging with Viewers. Engaging with your viewers is another great way to boost channel retention and keep people coming back for more. Encourage interactions between yourself and others by responding promptly to comments left on your videos or engaging with comments from other channels in order to start conversations with new potential viewers. Additionally, post regularly so that subscribers don’t forget about you! By staying active on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, fans will stay up-to-date with what’s going on in your life as well as any new videos that may be released soon.  

Building an engaged audience takes time, but if you follow these steps it should help increase viewership over time. Remember that quality is always better than quantity when it comes to creating content. Focus on making sure each video is relevant, informative, entertaining, and tailored specifically towards your target audience instead of just flooding YouTube with random content hoping something will stick. With consistent effort put into optimizing each video as well as interacting with commenters online, you should see growth within a few months if not sooner.

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