Verify Your YouTube Account

The YouTube account verification procedure is a mandatory amount of actions that open up the full range of features and functions of the service to the channel owner. Following a simple instruction will help the user quickly verify their account and confirm their identity in the system:

  • Open the control panel, find the “channel” button, and select the option with functions in the menu that opens.YouTube account verification
  • Click on the “verify” button and go through the simple steps of confirming your identity using the code sent to the phone number that you need to enter in the appropriate box. Specify the name of the country and how to send the check digits.YouTube account verification
  • Enter the security code you received on the phone and click the confirmation button.
    YouTube account verification
  • Check that you have received confirmation using the appropriate checkboxes that should appear in the Status and features section.YouTube account verification

After you confirm your account, you will have the following options:

  • Permission to upload long videos (more than 15 minutes)
  • Access to the video editor.
  • Adding randomly selected thumbnail as previews of video content
  • Placing external links and the text in video content.
  • The features of monetization.

YouTube Verification Badges

The YouTube verification program provides to place a special mark (badge) that shows subscribers the authenticity of the channel, the video content belonging to the confirmed author, the absence of fakes and re-loading.

The check mark is located next to the name of the channel and each video placed on it. Large companies and brands are trying to get a mark to increase their own credibility. The administration of the platform determines the rights to have an icon or badge.

To get a mark, the channel must meet the following requirements:

  1. The number of subscribers should not be less than 100,000 people.
  2. The owners of the channel do not violate the copyrights of other members of the system.
  3. The channel is linked to a Google account.
  4. The number of views for the last 3 months should not be less than 900,000.

The badge on the channel can be displayed even if the video resource does not match all the listed characteristics. The platform administration can perform verification itself and check the box if the channel belongs to a major well-known brand. To speed up the process of getting an icon, you need to link your account to social media pages, ensure unity of style, and work to improve the quality of video content.

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